Friday, November 27, 2009

Colour Block

This is an assignment for creative imaging. We first chose four colours from: Magenta/pink, Cyan, Green, Blue, Violet, Red, Orange, and Yellow. The four colours I ended up choosing for this assignment were Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red. The next part of this assignment was to make or create two more images: one that featured a similarity between colours, and one featuring complimentary colours.

For my Green image I used a picture of grass, which is obviously Green. I think picking green grass was a good choice since everyone knows grass is generally green. I filled the frame mostly with the green grass, there were a few areas of the frame with leaves etc, but not enough to take away from the greens. I think the feeling I get from this image, as well as other images of green things is vegetation, and freshness. Considering green is often the color of fresh foods/etc and of course people use the term "Fresh Greens" when referring to fresh vegetables.

For my image of Red, I took a photo of a fire hydrant. It is obviously red, and they are usually red in most areas of the city. I enjoyed this image the best out of my reds images, because of the different elements, when I filled the frame with only red it was boring. I also cropped out some parts to draw attention to the reds. When I view this image I can see why they use red for fire hydrants, as the colour red draws so much attention to people's eyes.

For my Yellow image I shot a photo of my friends yellow shirt. I decided to include part of his face, because I think a picture of just a yellow shirt would be a little bit boring. When I look at this image I think the yellow shirt really stands out, as it did in real life. I actually saw his shirt and thought of this assignment, so that shows how strong of a colour yellow is. When I think of yellow I think of happy/cheerful, I certainly don't feel depressed when looking at it. I think most people feel happy when looking at yellows, I even heard that they had to paint over yellow walls inside of an office, because the employee's spent most of the time staring at the yellow. I also think the fact that he is smiling helps the image, and show it's relation.

For my blue image, I took a picture of the sky, because obviously the sky is blue, most of the time. Luckily the sky was fairly blue, it did have some clouds, which do cover up some of the blue, but I think they help the image overall. I included a bit of a tree for interest. When I look at this image I would say it feels lonely, the blue sky and clouds, with the small portion of tree gives it a lonely feeling.

For my Complimentary/opposite colours I chose to do blue and red, which aren't opposites exactly on the colour wheel, but I feel they are different enough, and also help for the image which deals with opposites. I think the colors are different enough for this image, and the fact that I am using both coke and Pepsi which are known opposites helps, I would imagine.

For my similar colors I used some of my mom's nail polish, and I used a bright pink in the background with a red coloured one in the foreground. I used my macro lens and focussed on the front(red) one. I used a flash to light this image, and reflected it to illuminate both sides.

That's all. Here are the images in a slideshow: