Sunday, January 3, 2010

Digital Techniques 13.2 Blogging Non-School related Photos

Here are some photos and descriptions of my break.

Well I received this to start off my break, so of course I was happy. I got an 24 Inch imac, which I love. For the past 2 or so years I've been using a 15 inch screen, and I must say viewing and editing is so much better on this screen. I used a wide angle lens which totally does not do the screen size justice, this is obviously a picture of my old laptop and my shiny new Imac. I had wanted the new 27 inch Imac, but it did cost a fair bit more, and I've heard many reports of a yellow tinge on the screen which is something I certainly wouldn't want.

24 inch IMAC/15 inch macbook.

Oh and this. It's not a new image, but I am still pretty happy with this. I did it in Photoshop. It's a stitch of 2 images and it took a really long time, because I (unfourtanetly) didn't shoot to stitch so I had to try and match the exposure which took forever. Also I am happy, because I know this would have been nearly impossible on my laptop, because the file was so huge it would have taken forever. The photoshop file was 800mb!
This took forever to do

Here are 2 images that I shot as a Christmas gift to my mom, The first is of me, my brother, and my dog. The second is just me and my brother. I got these printed: the first @11x14 and the second at 8x12. Then framed them and gave them as a gift.

.This is a picture that I shot on Christmas Eve, after all the gifts had been placed under the tree. This was taken in the middle of the night.

This is just another shot of my tree. Just much closer.

.This is just picture of my dog, she is hanging out in the kitchen (she always does) mooching for food. This was when my mom was preparing the Turkey for Christmas dinner with my family.

This is just a quick shot of my brother, this is during our family Christmas. The lighting in here was completly dark so it was hard to shoot.

This is from the early part of the break. We had a bonfire in my backyard, and took it as an oppurtiity to shoot some photos The lighting was difficult to get a nice exposure however. The out of focus lights are my Christmas tree inside my house.

The fire itself.

Here is a photo of my mom wearing a cooking apron. She just got finished making the family dinner for Christmas.

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